End of tenancy cleaning done the easy way!

Most people have experienced the ‘’joys’’ of end of tenancy cleaning. Rented accommodations usually come with that ‘’extra’’ just to make your move out even more stressful. retro-1310390_640If you are a landlord, end of tenancy cleaning is a blessing as your tenants will be the ones breaking a sweat over your property. However, if you are a tenant, you have to pull your sleeves up and get to work.

End of tenancy cleaning is dreaded by most tenants because it usually involves days and days of hard work to get rid of dirt and bacteria gathered through the years. Some tenants choose to hire professional help to do that for them so they have more time to prepare their move. Whichever option you choose, end of tenancy cleaning has to be done so you can get your initial security deposit back.

If you decide to go for it yourself, there is an easy way to get the 3-4 day cleaning job down to 3-4 hour job. For the task you will need an army of friends, good cleaning products and good cleaning equipment. Delegate retro-1310402_640tasks to your cleaners and allocate a room to each one. If you have managed to lure more friends into helping, then put two in each room. Give them a list of every area that needs to be cleaned and tell them they have 2 hours to do the job. Use homemade cleaning products and steam cleaners. This way you will not compromise the health of your helpers and using steam is well known for easy and quick cleaning of bacteria and germs.

Once you have finished with the end of tenancy cleaning, inspect every room of the property like a landlord would and if you see any missed spots, go over them yourself when everybody is gone.  

Cleaning the Bookcases and the Bookshelves could be that Fun

You are a book-lover or the ultimate book worm. You are loving books so much that you prefer spending a night in with a book and a cup of tea, cuddled in the comfy sheets, instead of night out in a noisy and crowded club.books-1614215_640 Yeah, that’s it. I said it. And there is nothing wrong in this. Books are other worlds. Worlds that are new and alluring. And those who have that wide imagination, for whom the creativity is what indeed matters, want to take another adventure by starting a new book and ending it within a week or so. And when you started decorating your home, you knew perfectly well, what you want. You have always dreamt about a house full of books that is so you and so yours and when you moved in, the first thing you bought was this bookshelf, which you adore. And everything was ok. It was perfect until that moment came, when you had to clean your entire house deeply for a first time and you stood before this same bookshelf, which was now covered with tons of dust and dirt and you simply did not have an idea, what to start with. Only then you realized that the cleaning of a piece of furniture so essential for everyone’s home is so insane. But it was way too late. However, I do believe that cleaning this thing could be not that bad and indeed could be fun. That’s how:

Get everything out  

The main problem about bookshelves and its cleaning is that, unfortunately, not only the bookshelf itself is dusty and dirty, but the books, as well. So if you don’t move anything and just with a wet clout clean around the books, then the result won’t be satisfying at all. That’s why you definitely need to get everything out and only then to start with the real cleaning.

The shelf 

This is the easier part. Once you have removed the books, first with a wet clout and then with an effective cleaning product, go through the entire surface and make it shine. stack-of-books-1001655_640Make sure that it has completely dried out, before you even think about putting the books back there, where they belong.

The books  

The cleaning of those is really time-consuming, but could be so much fun, as well. It’s up to you. Start with the vacuum-cleaner and gather the dust from every single book you have. Then with a microfiber cloth, clean them one by one. Thus you will be remembering the wonderful books you have and you loved reading and you will be able to rediscover some old time favourite you have forgotten about. At the end of the day not only will be your bookshelf super clean and well-arranged, but you will have a pile of books you need to (re)read soon. And yet, this is a kind of cleaning you need to perform often, but not too often. Just make it fun.